About Collector Ornaments


Alanna began painting original songbird ornaments in 1991. The ornaments became an instant success and she immediately began receiving requests for custom painted ornaments. Alanna responded to these requests by adding a "sportsman" and "custom" category of ornaments which could be tailored to individual needs. Ornaments are frosted glass and are painted with acrylic artist colors. All ornaments, unless otherwise noted, are sold at a cost of $25.00 each.  The categories presently include:

Songbirds:  As noted above, the songbird collection began in 1991 with Alanna's painting of a Black-capped Chickadee.  Each year Alanna adds a new and different songbird to the collection.  In 2004 Alanna began adding a scenic background to the birds and also started numbering the collection.

Sportsman:  The sportsman collection features a number of game birds, ducks and geese and was created in response to customers who were avid sportsman or who wanted to give a sporting theme ornament as a gift to a friend or family member.

Custom:  Alanna has created custom ornaments for many occasions and representing many types of birds, animals and pets.  A few of the "traditional" types of ornaments created for weddings, baptisms, babies first Christmas, and birthdays are represented by the samples pictured on this site.  The ornaments pictured are meant as samples of designs frequently requested.  Please contact Alanna to discuss ideas that you might have for a personally unique custom ornament.

Ornament Holders: The ornament holders featured are made from solid Oak wood.  The holders can be purchased at an additional charge of $10.00 each.